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Make $40 a Sale

RapidFAX pays affiliates based on performance and promotes growth with a tiered commission structure. You will earn more money faster with RapidFAX then any other Internet fax program today with higher payments and lower thresholds. You will be paid a flat commission for every 30-Day Trial registration that converts into an order.

Earn More $ Faster

RapidFAX offers an aggressive tiered commission structure so you can earn the most money possible.

Commission Junction Network

Participation in the Commission Junction Affiliate Program is simple, quick and free. Log onto www.cj.com and sign up; it's that simple. HTML code is provided for banners and text links; simply copy and paste the code provided onto your Web page, and away you go!

The Commission Junction Network is easy to use and free for all affiliates. When a consumer clicks on an affiliate's link, a cookie is set on the visitor's browser that identifies the advertiser, the publisher, and the specific link and payment rates. When the visitor makes an actual purchase online, that transaction is tracked and recorded by Commission Junction. Upon recording the transaction, Commission Junction handles all of the collection and processing required to ensure fair and timely commission payment for the affiliate, and all of the administration and verification.

Apply for a Commision Junction publisher account.


If you have further questions or suggestions on how we can help you create a better page, please send an email to customerservice@rapidfax.com. Use the subject line
"Affiliate Suggestions".