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Email is easily one of the most important methods of communication for any business, whether it's a home office or a major corporation. Instant communication across vast distances makes it easy to keep your business running smoothly and with great efficiency. The same can be said of faxing, another important way to keep a business moving. Unfortunately, faxing by way of traditional methods is a surprisingly inefficient way to communicate.

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To begin, if you forget to turn on the fax machine, or you forget to turn it to the proper setting, you will miss important documents. It's also possible to meet paper jams coupled with a full fax memory, meaning your documents will not be stored; this will force you to call the client to resend the message. After all this time, your line could be busy, which is frustrating for anyone who is in a hurry.

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RapidFAX addresses all these issues thanks to our innovative email to fax gateway. You'll be able to use just your email account to send and receive all of the important documents your business needs, day or night. Our email to fax gateway gives you 200 incoming and 100 outgoing faxes each month.

Our email to fax gateway is also available for larger corporations who want to eliminate the need for fax machines. High volume faxing, as well as custom integration with Exchange and Notes, is available; this level of compatibility makes it easy for any business to integrate RapidFAX solutions into their existing services for both new and returning clients.

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No more clunky fax/phone switch nightmares. I get my customer orders reliably via e-mail - Truly business on the go. Thanks!
- Adam W.

I love RapidFAX because it's reliable, inexpensive, convenient, and FAST!!!!
- Nikki P.

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