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Any business, big or small, needs to have the latest information on hand in order to keep up with the workload. One of the more important tools at your disposal is the fax machine. With the help of RapidFAX.com, however, fax machines are no longer a necessity, whether you're a major corporation or a small business trying to stay ahead.

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You now have the choice to rely on your email account and your own computer for all of your facsimile needs. When you send a fax via email, you eliminate the need for purchasing another piece of office equipment that runs the risk of becoming inoperable at the worst possible time. Best of all, you don't need to worry about the added expense of a fax machine since your computer does all the work.

Benefits found when you Send a Fax by Email
Opting to send a fax by email means you found the simplest way to get your most important documents to your clients. Simply attach your fax message to your email, and send it to the recipient's fax number through RapidFAX.com's own mail server. The fax is then transmitted directly to their fax machine for use.

One of the most enjoyable benefits of sending or receiving a fax by email is the ability to store important faxes for later use. Any fax sent to us for your use is stored until you're ready to view it, and you may then forward it on to your own fax machine or print it directly from your computer. This level of flexibility makes it possible to keep everyone on the same page as new documents arrive by fax or email.

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No more clunky fax/phone switch nightmares. I get my customer orders reliably via e-mail - Truly business on the go. Thanks!
- Adam W.

I love RapidFAX because it's reliable, inexpensive, convenient, and FAST!!!!
- Nikki P.

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