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Use the faxing service solutions offered by RapidFAX to significantly reduce fax costs* by integrating fax and email.

RapidFAX is an email-based faxing service that integrates fax with existing email systems, providing seamless solutions for both corporate and mobile employees. RapidFAX's network-based service allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their existing email accounts as electronic messages, anytime and anywhere.

Using a conventional fax infrastructure, such as fax machines and fax servers, represents a huge "hidden cost" that impacts productivity, efficiency, and profitability. RapidFAX offers a proven solution to align your faxing service with your overall corporate productivity, IP networking, security and compliance objectives by:

With the RapidFAX Web-based faxing service, your employees can receive faxes as e-mail and have multiple options for electronic fax sending:

Fax Sending:
Our email to fax service allows users to send a fax directly from an existing email system, simply by addressing an email with attachments to faxnumber@faxmail.com.

Fax Receiving:
Our email to fax services deliver faxes as PDF or TIFF attachments directly to a receiver's email inbox.

*Companies using e-mail based faxing service are saving, on average, between 30% and 90% on their fax costs as compared to previous use of fax servers and fax machines:

5 reasons to integrate your fax and email with RapidFAX.

With RapidFAX's mobile faxing service, all faxes are sent and received as electronic messages, right in the employee's email, anytime and anywhere. For both on-the-road and corporate users, RapidFAX offers a transformation in speed, mobility, and convenience. No more looking around for places to send/receive faxes, waiting in line at fax machines or having to retrieve poorly transmitted, unreadable faxes

All faxes are sent to the email accounts of designated recipients only, so you never again have to worry about misplaced paper faxes or the wrong set of eyes getting a hold of a sensitive document; the RapidFAX network ensures total security, privacy, and confidentiality. Your email server can be connected to the RapidFAX network through the Internet, through virtual private networks, or other secure solutions in strict compliance with your requirements. We'll work within whatever security parameters you set.

With a network-based solution from RapidFAX, there's no hardware or software to purchase, no ongoing IT maintenance, and no technology hassles. You can relax knowing that your communications are protected by superior uptime, redundancy, and scalability.

Our transaction-based pricing leverages economies of scale only available from a large global vendor like RapidFAX, and there are no capital expenditures required. Best of all, most firms use our faxing services to enhance and optimize the IT investments they've already made. Your payback will be quick and dramatic, allowing you to retire fax machines and servers, eliminate line fees, and forgo maintenance headaches. Your fax costs will plummet from dollars per page to pennies per page.

Since it's an Internet-based service, a solution from RapidFAX can be deployed quickly – with little burden on your IT staff. Additionally, because our faxing service is as easy to use as email, there's no learning curve for your employees, ensuring instant and risk-free adoption.



No more clunky fax/phone switch nightmares. I get my customer orders reliably via e-mail - Truly business on the go. Thanks!
- Adam W.

I love RapidFAX because it's reliable, inexpensive, convenient, and FAST!!!!
- Nikki P.

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