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Any business, big or small, can tell you just how important it is to have reliable fax services. Having the ability to send important documents in the blink of an eye is something many businesses take for granted – that is, until the fax machine is down. Utilizing a fax to email service solution through RapidFAX can prevent this from becoming an issue, and can even replace the need for a space-consuming fax machine.

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The cost of maintaining a fax machine alone can turn some businesses away. First, there's the danger it'll break down, requiring a replacement to the tune of a hundred dollars or more. Then you have to deal with the telephone charges for making all of the calls, and if you're dealing with national and international clients, the costs add up quickly. If you own a small business or are a freelancer, those costs add up quickly.

Innovations in Fax to Email Service Solutions
A fax to email service account offers your business tremendous flexibility when communicating with clients. You'll be able to send important documents around the globe with the click of your mouse and quickly download incoming faxes from clients and customers with ease.'s fax to email service couldn't be simpler to use. You may create attachments of all important documents you'd like to fax, and then simply send them to us to forward to their destinations. It's possible to send your faxes to another email account, or directly to a fax machine. You can even send your faxes in batches to multiple destinations at once, eliminating the need to stand at the fax machine, sending each document over and over again.

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No more clunky fax/phone switch nightmares. I get my customer orders reliably via e-mail - Truly business on the go. Thanks!
- Adam W.

I love RapidFAX because it's reliable, inexpensive, convenient, and FAST!!!!
- Nikki P.

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