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Faxing From Email

More and more businesses are beginning to discover the ease and security of faxing from an email account. In doing so, it's easy to keep your business running smoothly no matter the time of day or where you are. Through your RapidFAX solution, you will have all of your business' important data at your fingertips from your home, your office, or wherever you log-in to your email account.

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RapidFAX technology provides the ability to start faxing from email immediately, without ever having to buy a fax machine; our Web site serves as your gateway to incoming and outgoing paperwork, contracts, and documents around the clock. Best of all, your faxes may be stored for use whenever they're needed instead of sitting on your desk adding clutter

Faxing from an email account couldn't be simpler. With a click of the mouse, you can add and remove stored contacts using your integrated address book and send faxes to all privy parties. You no longer need to stand at the fax machine sending the same document again and again.

Portability of your important documentation is one of the greatest benefits you'll experience when faxing from email. If, for example, you are away on business and need access to a document, you can easily have it faxed to your email account regardless of where you are in the world. This makes it easy to avoid losing a fax at a hotel or conference center, and prevents sensitive material from falling into the hands of another.

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No more clunky fax/phone switch nightmares. I get my customer orders reliably via e-mail - Truly business on the go. Thanks!
- Adam W.

I love RapidFAX because it's reliable, inexpensive, convenient, and FAST!!!!
- Nikki P.

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