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The situation has happened to everyone: an important client attempts to send an important document but your fax machine is either off or broken. Maybe the line is busy and your fax machines aren't capable of queuing incoming documents. No matter the reason, this means having to call the client back and having them resend their document, inconveniencing them further and tarnishing your company's image

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When registered in a program which can convert fax to email, you address this problem in a big way. RapidFAX.com operates completely online, eliminating the need for fax machines, dedicated phone lines, lost time, energy, and money. Now you can increase your productivity, giving your employees the chance to do more important things than stand guard at the fax machine all day.

Convert Fax to Email Technology
The technology that is able to convert fax to email provides you with the power to handle all of your company's fax needs using your email account, or any selected email account in your company. This means that important faxes are delivered directly to their recipient; people no longer need to leave their desks to check on incoming faxes; and you no longer face problems related to the security of sensitive materials.

You may also send and receive faxes regardless of your location; if you can log into your email account, then you can send and receive an important fax. This is a powerful ability that your traveling staff will grow to love. They won't need to stay at hotels with a fax machine or head to a local fax/printer to have time-sensitive materials delivered.

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No more clunky fax/phone switch nightmares. I get my customer orders reliably via e-mail - Truly business on the go. Thanks!
- Adam W.

I love RapidFAX because it's reliable, inexpensive, convenient, and FAST!!!!
- Nikki P.

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