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Short for facsimile, is a document delivered over a telephone line. A traditional fax machine works by digitizing the document into a series of zeros and ones (called a bit map) that can be transmitted like a telephone call. A fax machine receives a transmission and interprets the incoming data transforming the zeros and ones back into pixels and reproducing the document.

The concept of the fax was created in 1842 when Alexander Bain invented a machine capable of receiving signals from a telegraph wire and translating them into images on paper; the fax machine as a business tool, however, did not become common practice until the mid-1980s. The driver for this shift in technology was the creation of a standard protocol in 1983 for sending faxes. Today, faxes are considered an essential function in every office, especially in many home offices. They provide an inexpensive, fast, and reliable method for transmitting correspondence, contracts, résumés, handwritten notes, and illustrations amongst many other types of documents.

Internet Fax

A methodology or service that uses Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure to send and receive faxed documents. Most Internet faxing service providers transport faxes through email and process faxes on behalf of their customers, offering solutions that typically include email to fax, fax to email, and PC to fax.

Email to Fax

An Internet faxing service that allows users to send faxes directly from their email simply by addressing an email message to the recipient's fax number. Users can send most document types through this form of transmission. Email to fax converts the email message and attachments into a fax message, and instantly delivers it to the recipients fax machine.

Fax to Email

A service that converts received faxes into electronic images that can be delivered directly to an individual's email box or to a business application such as a workflow management system or database. When faxes are sent to the fax number, the fax document is converted into TIFF or PDF files, attached to a standard email message, and delivered to the user's email account. They may be opened, read, printed, stored and forwarded, just like an email message.

PC to Fax

A desktop software package that allows users to fax any Windows-based document from their computer or PC to a fax machine over the Internet. PC to Fax software allows you to fax any Windows-based program by converting the document into a faxable image.

Web to Fax

An Internet faxing service that allows users to manage their fax account. Users may initiate the same faxing functions they would on an email to fax program but from an online graphic user interface (GUI). Web to Fax service is often designed for use by organizations of any size.

Internet Faxing Service

A service provider that allows users or organizations to register employees so that they may send and / or receive faxes from the fax service provider's network. Organizations benefit from the fax service by utilizing an established network that has the infrastructure in place. There is no hardware to purchase or maintain for the user when employing an Internet faxing service.

Computer Fax

Documents sent or received on a computer or PC use computer faxing. Common types of computer fax include email to fax, fax to email, pc to fax or web to fax services.

Online Fax

A web interface that allows a user to log in and manage their fax account. A user can manage and send faxes through the online fax interface anywhere they can access the internet.



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